A coffee revolution

We love coffee- almost as much as we love whippets and anchors.

When you’re doing your tour of the Highlands you’ll probably come across a few questionable beverages in search of your caffeine fix. It’s a difficult thing to get right.

We’ve not only researched into the best of Italian machines we’ve also taken great care to try lots of different espresso blends to find the one that we think is the best.

We are proud to have Matthew Algie, based  in Glasgow supply our unique espresso blend. We love it and we know you will too.

That being said excellent quality beans and a shiny new machine are only half the story. As well as having the passion for great coffee, owner Ballal has many years of barista experience and ensures that every cup of coffee we make is consistently perfect.

Your coffee will combine beautifully textured milk with perfectly extracted espresso for a balanced taste and it takes skill to do this well.

Feel free to ask us about the various drinks we offer, the techniques we use or anything else that pops into your head.

Shakespeare on a plate

You’ve been touring the highlands. You’ve enjoyed the ‘traditional’ grub at your first stop. The second point of your journey produces more of the same. By the third offering of lasagne and stuffed chicken breast you’re craving something a bit different.

At the Fat Whippet Restaurant you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.

Talented Head Chef Rupert Shakespeare has created a memorable dining experience in Aultbea. His food has a strong classical basis, prepared with care and technique with a modern elegant presentation.

We have some of the finest seafood and Scottish game on the menu and of course there are delightfully tempting puddings to finish.

In the gorgeous Fat Whippet Restaurant – there’s no rush to turn tables- you’re encouraged to relax and enjoy great food, fine wine and the views across the ever moving sea loch.

Viva la revolución

Christina Lemos had only been with us for a short time when a revolution started in our kitchen.

Coming from a family of artisan bakers in Galicia northern Spain, Christina was baking or dreaming of baking since she was a child.

From our simple wholemeal loaves to the gorgeous cider and apple loaf – all our restaurant bread is now baked in house.

Long live real bread!

Iain Smart joined the Aultbea Hotel kitchen team in 2016. Having worked in some of the best and most remote Highland kitchens, Iain has brought a lot of experience with him to Aultbea.

An instant connection

You’re probably used to being able to browse the net, whilst streaming music and maybe having a web chat. Well it’s a very different story in the Highlands. Sometimes we’d be lucky to get a solid connection for long enough to check our mail!

When we were introduced to the guys from Highland Wi-Fi their promise of a reliable connection throughout the hotel for multiple guests was met with a little scepticism.

We were wrong to be sceptical! What a difference our new network is making to our guests – whether they want to get online to check out walking routes and maps, send some holiday snaps to family and friends back at home or keep up-to-date with business e-mails- now they can.

And with a great range it’s possible to do all these things from the comfort of your room or any of the public spaces.


Join the revolution…

Spread the word – Highland hospitality is back.





Bye for now!

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